Where am I located?

Based in Wichita, KS, I focus predominantly on serving this community. However, during the winter, my wife and I journey south to Texas to extend our mission and impact.

Do I take overgrown lawn requests?

I accept overgrown lawn requests exclusively in the Wichita, KS area. Due to high demand, I prioritize the most neglected lawns first. If you provide an address in Wichita along with photos, I’ll consider assessing it if it meets the criteria.

Can you hire me for a job?

I’ve transitioned away from accepting paid jobs and am now exclusively seeking out severely overgrown lawns to mow free of charge.

Where do I put all the lawn clippings and debris?

Answering this question varies depending on the location and grass conditions. Typically, I can mulch grass back into the lawn, enriching it with nutrient-dense clippings. However, exceptionally tall grass may require raking. Clippings and debris are either left by the street for city pickup (where available) or responsibly composted at the dump.

Do I give out the addresses of the lawns I cut?

I often receive requests from realtors and wholesalers for the addresses of the homes I discover. However, I prioritize the privacy of homeowners and neighbors and therefore do not disclose addresses. This stance remains firm, unaffected by offers of profit sharing.

Am I hiring or do I need help?

Currently, I’m not seeking to expand my team and have no immediate plans to do so. While I’m grateful for the generous offers of assistance, I prefer to work independently.

When will T-Shirt sizes be back in stock?

I keep close tabs on my merch inventory. If your size is out of stock in a particular style I am very aware and most likely already have another print order placed. Usually you can expect them to be back in stock within 3 weeks. However, if you want updates, be sure to join my newsletter at by Clicking Here.

Am I releasing new merch designs/styles?

We have lots of ideas for new merch designs/styles! However, we are a small business and don’t want to scale too fast, have too much product to store, or get in over our heads. You can expect new merch designs about every 3 months. Be sure to join my newsletter by Clicking Here if you want updates on new merch.

Do I take podcast/interview requests?

I am currently prioritizing podcast and interview requests from larger platforms. While I deeply appreciate all requests, I’ve faced challenges in the past due to overcommitment. Thank you for understanding!

Can you support me without buying merch?

The best way to support me is by watching my videos and being part of my audience. If you’re interested in additional support beyond merchandise purchases, I have a Patreon account. You can find it by clicking here. Thank you for your continued support!

What equipment do I use?
Explore my range of equipment on the equipment tab by clicking here. Additionally, you can find my handheld equipment available for purchase in the Equipment Store.
Where are the full videos?

You can find the full SB Mowing videos here.

SB Mowing



You can find the full SB Pressure Washing videos here.

SB Pressure Washing

Do I wear hearing and eye protection?

I prioritize safety by wearing small ear plugs for hearing protection and using glasses with shatter-resistant lenses during equipment use.

Why do I cut the lawns so short? Am I killing the grass?

Contrary to appearance, I don’t trim lawns excessively short. Typically, they range between 4 and 5 inches, longer than my personal tall fescue lawn. The dramatic transformation from overgrowth to a freshly cut lawn may create this perception. With over a decade of experience, I’ve never harmed the grass; it’s remarkably resilient. The reason for its height? Mostly weeds.

Do I give tips and tricks on starting a lawn business?

Lawn care varies significantly by location, necessitating research tailored to your area. For insights into the business aspect from my experience, check out SB Business on TikTok.

Go To SB Business Tiktok

Can I shout you out or send you a personalized video?

I refrain from shoutouts or personalized videos for individuals I don’t personally know. While I previously accommodated such requests, it became overwhelming. I’m continuously learning to manage my commitments better. Thank you for understanding!

What do I use to record and edit?

I exclusively utilize my phone mounted on a tripod for recording. For editing, I rely on Final Cut Pro on Mac to refine and perfect my content.

Can I give tips and tricks on how to better take care of your lawn?

I refrain from offering general lawn care tips as effective strategies vary greatly by location and grass type.


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