My name is Spencer and this is my story!

I started mowing lawns in my hometown Wichita, KS when I was 11 years old. I used my dad’s push mower, trimmer, and blower to cut my first yards which were close neighbors that I could walk to with the equipment. I started with just one yard and slowly grew my customer base for a couple more years through middle school.

By the time high school rolled around, I saved up enough money to buy my first riding mower and trailer. The mower was a VERY used zero turn and the trailer was a cheap fold-up type from Harbor Freight so that I could store it in the garage. At this point, my dad drove me around on weekends as I didn’t have my license yet, which was the biggest thing holding me back from growing my business even further.

Finally, when I turned 16, I learned to drive my dad’s manual truck and could finally go out on my own to cut my client’s yards. I started promoting heavily in local Facebook pages and posting flyers on doors and mailboxes. It got to the point where I was working lots of evenings and weekends and needed some more help.

My little brother was in middle school at the time and was my very first employee. We worked together the last couple of years I was in high school, slowly growing the business to about 25 yards/week.

College was always a dream of mine but very financially out of reach. I took the ACT test many times hoping to get a score that could get me a good scholarship. After studying a TON and taking the test about 10 times, I increased my score from an average of 20 to 32, which was the number I needed to get considered for a full ride at most universities in surrounding states. The problem though, was that I got the score 4 months past the scholarship deadline.

With a lot of help from my mom, we contacted the scholarship board at my #1 choice, K-State. They said they would bring it up at the next board meeting and let us know. A couple weeks later, we got a call informing us that I was awarded the Putnam scholarship which would cover full tuition for 4 years.


At this point, I cemented my future in college and had to figure out how to continue running my lawn business while I was 2.5 hours away at school. I made this work by hiring 2 more employees. My brother got promoted to a lead position and they would go out 2-3 times a week after school and on the weekends to help me keep up. I would also drive back every Fri-Sun during mowing season to cut as many lawns as possible.

We grew substantially during my college years and got up to about 60-75 clients. Finally, I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and moved back to Wichita to work as a mobile app developer.

I worked this job for about 6 months and absolutely loved it. During this time, the crew was still going out during the weeks while I would mow on the weekends.

I always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I even tried a couple of different times, but couldn’t find anything that I loved making videos on. I saw some guys doing lawn care on social media and helping people out for free. This seemed like such a great concept, so I gave it a shot. The only time I had to record was evenings as I was working during the days and mowing clients’ yards on the weekends. So, I went and found a few crazy overgrown lawns where people needed some help. I offered to do it for free and worked 3 hours, every evening, for about 2 weeks. These were my first 3 videos.

After spending hours editing at the computer, I uploaded my first videos and got immediate, positive feedback. People absolutely loved my videos, my style, and my personality. I posted these on YouTube but my girlfriend at the time (now wife) convinced me to make shorter edits and post them on TikTok. So, I did that and my first video got 6 million views in just a couple of days!

It was a roller coaster. I couldn’t stop looking at the number of views, likes, and comments soar. The next week, I posted the 2nd video on YouTube which also went viral. After uploading those first videos, I got the itch. I absolutely LOVED the work and LOVED being able to help people in the way that I knew best… MOWING GRASS!

I knew people could make a living doing social media through ad revenue and sponsorships and I wanted to take the risk. I had a little bit of money saved up and not many expenses, so I decided to dive right in. After making that decision, I’ve uploaded a video every week on my mowing channel without fail and started another channel helping people out with pressure washing.

With lots of hard work and dedication, I’ve become the largest lawn care/pressure washing social media page on every platform with about 40 MILLION total followers and 3 BILLION annual views. I couldn’t do it without my amazing wife, who is behind the scenes helping to edit the videos, spending hours with me scouting out the craziest lawns, and making sure I eat and wear clean clothes.

I had lots of doubters when I first started doing this. My family and friends have been so supportive throughout the whole process and I couldn’t thank them more. I couldn’t do this without each and every person who watches my videos and supports me through their viewership. Thank you so much to every single one of you for making my dream come true! I can argue that I have the best job in the world. I get to help people who really need it, provide entertainment for millions of people, and support my family by doing something that I love.